The Exhibition


The Exhibition will highlight the life and works of Michelangelo, and in connection with this event will display a collection of all of Michelangelo’s most important sculptures. The Exhibition will incorporate and include an on-site gift shop featuring various memorabilia and other gift items based on the tour, as well as a “fine art gallery” concept that will enable NRE to sell limited edition busts and sculptures by Michelangelo. The Company plans to incorporate into the Exhibition between 25 and 40 original drawings, architectural models, poetry, letters of Michelangelo and a re-creation of his remarkable Sistine Chapel. The Exhibition will use immersive and theatrical sets, displays, and lighting to bring his unparalleled artistry to the public, according to a blockbuster exhibition model. The Company views this as a very attractive business opportunity. By way of comparison, “Tutankhamen and the Legacy of the Pharaohs”, a traveling exhibition that featured Egyptian artifacts attributed to the “boy king” and his ancestry, has been on display in major markets around the world since 2005, has been attended by nearly 12 million paid visitors. Based on the successes of similar exhibitions, we believe that the Exhibition can profitably operate in 20 to 30 major markets around the world.


Created in conjunction with the most reputable scholars in the art world and the Casa Buonarroti Museum, (the only Michelangelo museum in the world) we are confident that The Michelangelo Experience tour will be the museum event of a lifetime. It will enthrall both the legions of art lovers and the more numerous casually curious, whose interest in art is stimulated by their familiarity with Michelangelo’s fame, or one particular sculpture or work, or by the excitement that will surely surround the Exhibition. In similar fashion, King Tut brought out amateur and professional Egyptologists as well as millions of less general public.

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